Foodracket FAQ

Get to know the Food Lover behind the scenes a little more in this FAQ

1. How do you come up with the recipes on Food Racket?

I think about Food, a lot (a lot a lot though!). I’m that weirdo that’s eating breakfast and while I’m eating breakfast I’m thinking about what’s for dinner.

Recipe creation and coming up with different ideas, concepts and flavours for me is fun. It’s actually the best part of Food Racket and why I started this website in the first place. I’m someone that spends way too much time thinking about food and researching new things and places to try.

My favourite part about food, discovering culture through food. Winter in Belgian and my first ‘Fritur’ experience

2. Who eats the food?

I do! Although I find I don’t enjoy a meal as much as eating out. When you’re cooking you do so much tasting of the different components that it’s hard to enjoy the dish at the end sometimes. Kinda like going to watch a movie but you’ve already watched six trailers that cover all the best highlights.

I enjoy cooking for loved ones the most and waiting their faces light up when they taste something great.

3. What camera do you use?

I’m a terrible photographer, don’t listen to me. In saying that I use a Panasonic Lumix GX8 for all my main shots, and I keep a Canon G7X and my iPhone 6 on me for on the go shots.

4. Do you have Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube etc?

Yes! Find me on all the Socials here. I would love if you chuck me a follow, I love interacting with you guys 🙂








5. Who is Victoria?

Hey, that’s me! The girl behind the Food Website.

I’m born and bred in Perth, Western Australia where I grew up with a mother as a chef. Some of my earliest memories were running around the Hilton Hotel kitchens and thumbing through my mother’s Flavour Bible at eight years old trying to learn a page full of herbs.

Since then I’ve lived in New Zealand, Vietnam and I’m now currently based in Bangkok, Thailand with my Belgian partner (also a massive gourmand, it’s a love we and our bellies share!).

Love that the hippos synced themselves for this photo 😉

I cook from my kitchen at home, enjoy pushing myself with new techniques and finding new places and dishes to try. As well as working with the joys of cooking a non Western country where I don’t speak the language and sometimes finding ingredients and tools can be an (exciting) challenge!

Aside from food, I love to travel. Say hello if you’re ever in Bangkok!

And if  you want to read a little more about me and what Food Racket means to me, you can find that here

6. What is your favourite cuisine?

I love food SO much. I eat everything and anything.

Some of my favourites however that I’m up to eat pretty much always,

  • Japanese, I love sushi, sashimi and fresh seafood in general. I love poke too, I know that’s not Japanese but there’s overlap there!
  • Italian, mmmmmm burrata, gelato, carpaccio, what’s not to love? All day errrday
  • Belgian/French cooking, mostly the cold cuts, cheeses and bread

Also a shout out to Modern Australian, I know Australia is controversially known for not having much of a ‘culture’ (we get a lot of our influences from the British). But I do love a good fresh salad, avo on toast, fish n’ chips, surf and turf and a chicken parma. It’s not fancy, but it tastes like home. <3

7. Do you have a favourite dish?

I get the inevitable question when people find out I love food so much “What’s your favourite food?” and my joke/serious answer is always “Ice cream”

Then of course they say “Nah, not dessert – your favourite, food”

Me again, “Yeah, I said Ice cream”

So the truth is, I love food too much to pin down just one favourite. But ice cream is something I can eat any day, any meal. (Yes, I’ve eaten ice cream for breakfast many a time)

Some other dishes I love,

  • Roast Duck with Egg Noodles (I have a Singaporean Background and it’s a popular dish in Singapore)
  • Lemon Tarts (I have an obsession, the best one I’ve ever had has been at Tartine Bakery in San Francisco)
  • Eggs Bene (or for all you non-aussies, Eggs Benedict, poached eggs on an English Muffin with Ham, sometimes spinach or salmon/bacon instead of ham and lashings of Hollandaise sauce, ohhhhhhhh yeah)
  • Steak, Ima meat kinda girl. Always down for a good steak.

8. What about cooking – do you have a favourite cuisine or dish you like to cook?

I’m big on savoury. They often say there’s two types of cooks, the artists and the scientists.

I’m definitely an artist, I am not a baker, at all. Baking takes a precise method and measurements – nope, not me!

I like to cook a bit of everything. In general, I enjoy the learning component of cooking, working with different flavours, trying out new and different techniques. I’m a frequent stalker of Serious Eats, even though I don’t have the dedication that Kenji has for nerding out on Food.

When it comes to cooking for others, I like notched up comfort food. That is, simple dishes with great ingredients. A good roast potato, but with duck fat. A naughty toastie (toasted sandwich) with a great bread, freshly shaved manchego and cut gruyere with the best semi-sundried tomatoes in a beautiful olive oil.

9. Why do you cook?

Two reasons – one for me, one for the people I love.

There’s nothing more I love to do than share food with others.

Secondly it’s my time in the kitchen, I find cooking very therapeutic – conscious mindfulness. When you cook, you have to just cook. Ever try thinking about something else when making a meal? You forget the timings, things get burnt – you’re running around.

Cooking is in the moment, and that’s why I cook!

10. Can I share your recipes or images?

I’m honoured. Go ahead and share any images, as long as you give credit back to As of now, I don’t allow sharing of my recipes as I’ve worked hard to come up with them. However feel free to link to the recipe itself!

Have more questions, pop them in the comments below. I always love to hear from you, and I’ll do my best to answer them!