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Eat Your Veg: Warm Zucchini, Parmesan, EVOO Side Dish


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Sometimes you want something that tastes like it should be bad for you but is bordering on the ‘it’s kinda good for me’.

ZucchiniParmesanGarlic-PrepHere’s your obligatory before shot, plate of vegetables? Nah thanks mate

On our last trip to Europe over the Christmas holidays, J and I spent New Years in Milano, Italy. We gorged on the best pizza, pasta, parma, espresso’s and more! But one dish stood out to me.. Who am I kidding, all the dishes were amazing. But one dish stood out for being seemingly underwhelming on paper but oh-so memorable at taste.

It was a pasta dish with boletus mushrooms and zucchini.

Where’s the meat? If that’s what you’re thinking.. Me too. I rarely find a veg dish that can satisfy me just as much as throwing in a little beef..chicken or fish. But this dish did it.

Handmade pasta, boletus, zucchini pieces and just really really good olive oil. I know, so simple and yet so perfectly balanced and bursting in flavour. Who would think I would be trying to stuff myself with MORE zucchini (and pasta)?

So this is an ode to the zucchini and boletus pasta I had in Milano. It’s missing the boletus and the handmade pasta (I haven’t quite mastered handmade pasta, I guess I’ll need to go back to Milano..) but the zucchini shines in it’s simplicity.

ZucchiniParmesanGarlic-closeup-zoomHere’s the after. Yes please mami – one plate of vegetables for me

Just three main ingredients make up this dish, fresh zucchini, shaved parmesan and a good dressing of extra virgin olive oil.

ZucchiniParmesanGarlic-sideTwirlOlive oil is not your enemy here

ZucchiniParmesanGarlic-sidecloseupOh yeah shake those strips

Call it a salad, call it a warm vegetable dish. Or dish your zucchini up, add some mushrooms and some pasta and pretend you’re in Milano. I don’t care — just enjoy the beauty that is this simple warm zucchini dish. Mangiare! Mangiare!

*zucchini/courgette, whatever you want to call these sexy green vegetables. Just use some nice long ones!

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Loaded Kimchi Fries with Pulled Pork


Inspired by Kimchi Fries from Coreano, Auckland, New Zealand
Coreano takes authentic Korean flavours and mashes them with mexican street food. I first tried this dish at their pop-up store when living in Auckland, New Zealand.

Who doesn’t love a good fusion dish? Especially one that gets it right. We’ve got pulled pork, spicy Kimchi, and a creamy mexican crema.

It’s tangy, it’s sweet, it’s spicy. The pulled pork is melt in your mouth, the Kimchi is crunchy and a little sour and they come together on a perfect hot crispy french fry.

Are you sold?

Just before I left Auckland, New Zealand, fusion food was getting bigger. One in particular caught my eye, Coreano – blending authentic Korean flavours with Mexican food. Both cuisines are already known for having bold flavours, it was either going to be a hit, or a dud.

If you’re a regular Kimchi eater, you’ll know it’s an acquired taste. It’s a bit like the sauerkraut of the east, a fermented spicy cabbage that once you love it, you’re hooked.

If you couldn’t tell from the mouthwatering combinations, korean and mexican? It works. These loaded fries are a sensory experience, they’re great to look at and taste even better than you can imagine.

All the dressings. From (L-R) Salsa Roja, Coriander, Kimchi, Shallots, Mexican Crema, Carnitas

The loading process, first the carnitas, shallots and kimchi

Grilling the kimchi mellows out the sourness of the cabbage while retaining its crunch and spice. The mexican crema adds a creamy component that calms down some of the heat while bringing all the flavours together in one bite.

LoadedKimchiFries-SideViewGrab a fork and… dig in!

LoadedKimchiFries-SideviewCloseupA little bite of everything in a perfect mouthful


Time to try it for yourself! These are great for having a few friends over, give each person a DIY plate or just a (almost) lazy dinner for one. If you have all the ingredients ready this is an easy Under 30 minute dish to throw together.

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