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Rainbow Roast Vegetable One Pan Dinner


I love a few of  those under 30 minutes, look impressive but easy as sh*t type recipes up my sleeve. Here’s one of those for you.

Besides being a plate of deliciousness, it’s a great way to get veggies in and stretch your grocery shopping out a week. It’s my go-to easy but I still want to pretend I’m eating food/being somewhat healthy meal. 

Six different types of veggies cooked six ways. In fact there’s no real science to this – I cooked it two days in a row, and switched things up both days. If you’ve got a fave spice mix, go for it. Cumin, paprika, tarragon. It’s all on the table (roasted vegetables and herbs and spices, you just can’t go wrong)

You just want to make sure you have,

  1. Lots of different types of vegetables – variety is impressive!
  2. Factor in cooking times and cut sizes for ultimate laziness

It’s really a chuck it all in and pull out dinner at the end kind of dish. It’s somewhat healthy – especially if you’re a high fat – low carber (minus the taters’). If you’re not, well, just call it tasty.

The secret to this dish is being able to put everything in at once, and pull it out in 30-45 minutes, and boom, instant rainbow on a plate. It’s almost like a roast, but with none of the hard work.

Use broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini. Whatever you’ve got in the crisper, just remember – if something takes longer to cook, but it smaller. Cooks fast? Leave it whole or bigger cuts. You’ll get everything cooking relatively evenly.

What makes this taste so good? You’re creating six mini vegetable dishes on one tray. Cut all your veg up, and mix them up straight on the sheet pan. No extra pans, or boards. It’s really that simple.

It’s a throw it in the oven, pour a glass of red and dinner’s done.

Oh and bonus points for lack of dishes.

Yeah, this is one to favourite.

*bonus tip, make double and have a roast veg salad for lunch for the next day.


Throw in some protein for a heavier meal. Sausages or Chicken Thighs, Breast (Larger Pieces) go great. You can throw them in at the same time, just make sure any protein is at a size that will take about 30 minutes to oven cook.

I used some lamb sausages.


Roast6vegeasypan-Finished30 minutes later……

Roast6vegeasypan-DishPlate of deliciousness – so many flavours, all in one bowl

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Pina Colada Breakfast Smoothie Bowl


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Okay I’m not one of those ‘fruit’s a dessert’ kinda people.

Fruit is not a dessert. Cheesecake is a dessert. Apple Pie is a dessert.

In what world is fruit a dessert?? I’m all for whole foods and plant based eating but as good as raw desserts can be, they’re just not desserts for me, ya dig?

Buuuuut – big BUT here, this Pina Colada Smoothie bowl definitely comes close to ‘dessert’ status. Maybe it’s because I’m such a big fan of coconut, mangos and pineapple.

Maybe it’s because I love Pina Colada’s.

Maybe it’s because this smoothie bowl is just so damn good. Just like the Nalu Bowls inspired: Dragonfruit Smoothie bowl, the frozen fruit here instead of ice cubes is the secret.

PineappleMangoCoconutSmoothieBowlIt’s basically ice cream

This bowl brings it up a notch with coconut milk – and that gives it a slightly ‘icecream’ like texture. It’s close guys.

I already love a good greek yoghurt with granola. But ya know with a really good quality greek yoghurt and a super crunchy granola with maybe some clusters and chocolate in there.

I don’t know. It’s not dessert but it tastes really good, good enough to be your weekday dessert, or breakfast. You choose.

PineappleMangoCoconutSmoothieBowlA taste of Bali at home

Inspired by by favourite Smoothie Bowl place in Canggu Bali, NALU BOWLS. See their Pipeline smoothie recipe here;


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