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Two Cheese, Steak and Roast Potato Silky Frittata


A good breakfast sets you up for a good day, and a great breakfast sets you up for an amazing day.

But sometimes you’ve only got 15 minutes to throw something together, so you need something a little decadent that can be thrown together in a pinch.

Well, I got you.

Two Cheeses, Steak AND Roast Potato – oh yes.

Frittatas are great, they’re one pan, low fuss and easy to cook. No complicated flipping, rolling, or poaching. No need to be delicate with this dish. It’s got lots of flavour and hard to stuff up.

So here you go, my quick and easy Two Cheese Steak and Potato Silky Frittata.

The shallots in here complement the steak nicely and add a bit of sweetness and delicateness to an otherwise heavier dish. The Halloumi doesn’t melt down all the way like the mozzarella so you get a nice bite of saltiness. Who doesn’t like a good steak and potato dish? Now you can have the quick version on top of your morning eggs.

The egg beater mix pulls the whole thing together without adding to the richness of the steak and cheese.

Top with some sriracha and a good cup of strong coffee and you’ve got the perfect quick breakfast for a busy weekday or a lazy weekend lie-in.

Twocheesesteakeggfrittata-quartercloseupLook at that silky egg and melted mozzarella.. Mmm mmm!

Twocheesesteakpotatofrittata-sidecloseupEvery bite has a little bit of everything, salty halloumi, fluffy potato and caramelised beef


Victoria xox

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