Vanilla, Raspberry, & Lime, Cookie Ice cream Sandwiches


These are decadent ice cream sandwiches that are rich on the cookie and zesty and refreshing on the filling. Ice cream sandwiches are the dessert that I never grew out of as a kid.

I love them in all types of forms. I discovered the ‘bread’ ice cream sandwich when I visited Singapore when I was eight. My cousins took me to get ice cream and passed me a slice of bread with a few scoops of vanilla ice cream stuffed inside and then folded in half. I was amazed, but it’s bread?!

It was one of my first encounters with realising that food doesn’t have to fit a convention. You can fill a piece of bread with something sweet or push the boundaries with adding vanilla to a savoury dish.

My next love for many years was the Peter’s Ice cream Sandwich. I don’t know why it’s so good when it’s nothing fancy! I think it’s what attracts me to to bread sandwiches of Asia, it combines different textures that create a comforting texture in your mouth.

Now’s the next wave. The cookie ice cream sandwich. For this recipe I used a rich brown sugar version cookie from serious eats. In hindsight I used a Thai brown sugar that was a little too strong in taste. You can also make this with pre-bought cookie but I suggest making your own cookies. It makes it more fun!

The star of the show is the ice cream filling. The combination of the raspberries and lime are sensational on the mouth – the raspberries a little tart and where the tartness kicks off and the sweetness kicks in, the lime is there to back it up. You get this collaboration of flavours that’s sweet but not sickly, and wonderfully refreshing.

Use a good quality vanilla ice cream. That’s one thing I would change, the ice cream I used was a generic vanilla (the general range here in Thailand isn’t the best!) and it didn’t hold up well in the cookie sandwich.

It was still delicious. The zesty filling cuts through the richness of the cookie. It’s an ice cream sandwich taken up a notch. A great night-in dessert!





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