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Pina Colada Breakfast Smoothie Bowl


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Okay I’m not one of those ‘fruit’s a dessert’ kinda people.

Fruit is not a dessert. Cheesecake is a dessert. Apple Pie is a dessert.

In what world is fruit a dessert?? I’m all for whole foods and plant based eating but as good as raw desserts can be, they’re just not desserts for me, ya dig?

Buuuuut – big BUT here, this Pina Colada Smoothie bowl definitely comes close to ‘dessert’ status. Maybe it’s because I’m such a big fan of coconut, mangos and pineapple.

Maybe it’s because I love Pina Colada’s.

Maybe it’s because this smoothie bowl is just so damn good. Just like the Nalu Bowls inspired: Dragonfruit Smoothie bowl, the frozen fruit here instead of ice cubes is the secret.

PineappleMangoCoconutSmoothieBowlIt’s basically ice cream

This bowl brings it up a notch with coconut milk – and that gives it a slightly ‘icecream’ like texture. It’s close guys.

I already love a good greek yoghurt with granola. But ya know with a really good quality greek yoghurt and a super crunchy granola with maybe some clusters and chocolate in there.

I don’t know. It’s not dessert but it tastes really good, good enough to be your weekday dessert, or breakfast. You choose.

PineappleMangoCoconutSmoothieBowlA taste of Bali at home

Inspired by by favourite Smoothie Bowl place in Canggu Bali, NALU BOWLS. See their Pipeline smoothie recipe here;


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Two Cheese, Steak and Roast Potato Silky Frittata


A good breakfast sets you up for a good day, and a great breakfast sets you up for an amazing day.

But sometimes you’ve only got 15 minutes to throw something together, so you need something a little decadent that can be thrown together in a pinch.

Well, I got you.

Two Cheeses, Steak AND Roast Potato – oh yes.

Frittatas are great, they’re one pan, low fuss and easy to cook. No complicated flipping, rolling, or poaching. No need to be delicate with this dish. It’s got lots of flavour and hard to stuff up.

So here you go, my quick and easy Two Cheese Steak and Potato Silky Frittata.

The shallots in here complement the steak nicely and add a bit of sweetness and delicateness to an otherwise heavier dish. The Halloumi doesn’t melt down all the way like the mozzarella so you get a nice bite of saltiness. Who doesn’t like a good steak and potato dish? Now you can have the quick version on top of your morning eggs.

The egg beater mix pulls the whole thing together without adding to the richness of the steak and cheese.

Top with some sriracha and a good cup of strong coffee and you’ve got the perfect quick breakfast for a busy weekday or a lazy weekend lie-in.

Twocheesesteakeggfrittata-quartercloseupLook at that silky egg and melted mozzarella.. Mmm mmm!

Twocheesesteakpotatofrittata-sidecloseupEvery bite has a little bit of everything, salty halloumi, fluffy potato and caramelised beef


Victoria xox

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A Typical Aussie Brekkie – Smashed Avo on Toast


Inspired by growing up in Australia


The English have the English breakfast, Americans have biscuits and pancakes, the Chinese have congee (rice porridge).

What are we talking about? Breakfast of course!

As an Australian, aside from vegemite on toast. The now trendy avocado on toast is probably our ubiquitous Aussie brekky (breakfast, we shorten everything..). For the record it’s Avo on toast to us. Avocado, it’s a bit of a long word you see…

Avocado on toast has gotten trendy, I’m seeing avocado roses, sliced zucchini and peas and toasted sesame seeds… and it’s breakin’ my heart!

A good avo on toast is simple. Why? Simple flavours get the star of the dish, the avocado to shine.


I no longer live in Australia but this version is what signifies a great avo on toast at home or in a cafe for breakfast or brunch for me. If it’s one thing Aussies do well, it’s our avo on toast. You’ll find some fancy flavours and trendy combo’s but this almost ‘standard’ Aussie avo on toast is always making the rounds.

I make one substitution, shallots instead of purple onion. While purple onion and shallots are both sweet, shallots are slightly milder and work well with the other flavours rather than overpowering them.

The red chilli flakes add a bit of zing with the zestiness of the fresh lemon. Top with a poached egg to add a bit of bulk to your dish.

Do me a favour, use a good bit of bread too. Ciabatta is perfect and you’ll impress anyone you make it for with the five star flavours!

I hope you enjoy – I’m imagining the great weather, beachside cafe and a good flat white back home while I eat it 😀

My office view where I enjoy a little taste of home

The perfect morning starter



Oh yeah, smash it. Smash it reaaaal good


A squeeze of fresh lemon and seasoning completes this perfect dish

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